Smarter Project Management in the 17th International Project Management Conference in Moscow

The 17th International Project Management Conference is one of the leading events in Russia, which specialises in project management, value engineering and use of effective analytical tools for monitoring the progress of projects.   Smarter #projectmanagement in the 17th International Project Management Conference and AACE Moscow Spring Workshop! Are you interested in using the methods… Continue reading


1st International AACE Greek Conference + Total Cost Management = The Event Cost Professionals Can’t Miss!

AACE greek conference banner with names

Cost and project management is a priority for your company, but you don’t know how to make the best of it? Join us on May 10th in the 1st International AACE Greek Conference in Total Management in Athens, Greece and learn more, build a better business and out-think the competition! The conference attendance is FREE and… Continue reading


Free Cost Estimating and Benchmarking Seminar in Singapore on January 25th

cost estimating and benchmarking seminar in singapore

Interested in getting fast and better cost estimations? Join our free Seminar in Singapore, on Thursday 25th of November, organised by the CS Global Group, our Certified Partner in South East Asia. New standards with intelligent tools emerge to predict multiple types of project costs. Are you informed? For further experience join us in the New… Continue reading