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Our Solutions for the EPC & UtilitiesIndustry

Nomitech offers scalable, reliable solutions for complex projects in EPC, Utilities, and Energy sectors, using the latest technologies on AI, BIM, VR and Big Data.

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Revolutionize Your EPC & Utilities Projects with Nomitech’s Solutions

Our comprehensive suite offers advanced parametric estimating, detailed cost modeling, and benchmarking, alongside seamless engineering collaboration. By harnessing the power of BIM and 2D drawings, we facilitate smarter, more efficient workflows. Our products integrate AI, BIM, VR, and big data analytics, enabling you to leverage historical data for precise cost modeling, estimating and collaboration.


Elevate Cost Estimating to Enterprise Excellence with Nomitech's Proven Estimating Software for EPC & Utilities

Corporate Estimating Excellence

CostOS enhances estimating for EPC projects, from concept to detail, by efficiently processing big data, material takeoff spreadsheets, and 3D models. Its advanced parametric engine leverages GIS data and 2D drawings to optimize top-down estimates for utility connections, transmissions, the sizing and estimating of industrial equipment.

Advanced Cost Modeling

Elevate project accuracy and strategic insight with CoSMO, our elite Cost Modeling and Benchmarking software, tailored for the EPC and Utilities sectors. This solution streamlines historical data normalization and estimate verification, enabling precise multi-dimensional analysis for informed future project predictions.


Accelerate Decision-Making with CosMO, our Benchmarking and Cost Modeling Software for Comparative Analysis of EPC & Utilities Projects

Boost Excel™

CellBIM integrates spreadsheets, BIM, and 2D drawings seamlessly within Excel™ for a unified, multi-user experience.

Web-Enabled BIM Collaboration

CellBIM uses Nomitech's BIMCT engine to support diverse BIM and 2D formats, enabling seamless multi-user access and mobile compatibility for real-time collaboration on spreadsheets and models. Its Excel-like interface integrates BIM visuals and data in spreadsheets, improving accessibility & adding VR support for an immersive experience.

Cost Estimating


CostOS possesses the flexibility and the scalability needed in Estimating that both Facility Owners/ Operators and EPC Contractors need. It is currently used by the world’s biggest Oil and Gas and Nuclear Facilities Operators as well as some of the Top 20 International EPC Contractors.

Key Features

  • Create estimates for network assets in seconds
  • Powerful Parametric Estimating Engine
  • Use GIS takeoffs to define your Network lines within parametric models
  • Centralise your Estimates and Cost Information
  • Access multiple commercial Online Databases for Utilities Equipment
  • Multiple BIM file formats
  • Web based app for easy access on the GO

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3d adoption


CellBIM automates the Bill of Materials Production and allows your teams to collaborate and work easily with the 3D model of the Plant whether it is for estimating, inspections, progress tracking, Project handover or Turnarounds. Cell BIM runs inside your Excel Spreadsheets and allows collaboration on the same file.

Key Features

  • Make the digital twin of your Network assets accessible to everyone
  • Runs inside Microsoft Excel, Collaborate on the same files on OneDrive
  • Tag and associate Spreadsheet Cells with the digital twin
  • Colorize the digital twin based on cell values
  • Save the Digital Twin within the XLSX file
  • Works with 3D BIM and 2D files, manage BIM file revisions
  • Extract metadata via drag and drop

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Plant Historical data can be easily accessed from anywhere. Define cost models of major industrial equipment or even whole process plants. Create Class 5 estimates through analogous estimating quickly and easily. Make strategic decisions while benchmarking executed projects. Analyse the Cost and Carbon footprint of your Network assets and create normalized historical data easily.

Key Features

  • Record, learn from and access your key historical project data from anywhere
  • Create Cost and Carbon Models with easy Curve Fitting
  • Normalize your data for inflation and other indexes
  • Use the analysis for strategic decisions
  • Compatible with the new ICMS Standard
  • Create cost plans on the fly

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I've experienced the benefits of using CostOS, especially for its schedule integration and project control. The Nomitech team is very flexible and helpful, tailoring their services to clients' needs.

Kevin O' Grady

Director, Kognitive

CostOS adds value to our clients. It is very useful for us to have all the estimates and all the databases for material and equipment in one database unified and easily accessible at any time.

Nikos Dimos

Managing Director, iTekton

CostOS as well as other products developed by Nomitech, constantly improve the cost estimating processes of our customers. We, as Horsa, are honored to be part of this important mission.

Ruggero Rossi

Project Management Consultant, Horsa Group

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