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CellBIM™ – Bringing 2D & 3D to MS Excel

Embed all your 2D drawings and 3D models inside your spreadsheets. The easiest and most effective solution for Excel users that use drawings or 3D models for their everyday tasks.

Unleash the Power of BIM and 2D Integration

CellBIM for Excel runs inside Microsoft Excel and allows you to make full use of your BIM 3D Models and 2D drawings while working within your spreadsheets.

Easy Embed

CellBIM brings your BIM and 2D drawing files directly into your Microsoft Excel® Spreadsheets. Embed your designs in Excel, then Group, Package and Colorize 3D elements.

Measure with Ease

Get accurate quantities from 2D or 3D geometry and experience the flexibility to measure effortlessly on both 2D drawings and 3D models within a three-dimensional space.

Collaborate & Share

CellBIM makes 3D models accessible to everyone, everywhere, with or without cloud access. Collaborate and share excel files with the drawings or BIM files embedded or stored on the BIMCT Cloud.

Link Cells with 2D or 3D Elements

Highlight, colorize, isolate, and zoom to linked elements when selecting spreadsheet cells.

Manage 2D up to 7D Processes

CellBIM gives the advantage to link BIM Models with monthly Project Bills and Payment Certificates.

Easy Access from Your Mobile Device

Open and manage design files and storage in the CellBIM 365 cloud. Create views, markups, and measurements on the web.

Integration with Navisworks

Nomitech's addon for Navisworks, Autodesk allows the user to Export Navisworks files to IFC, CellBIM and CostOS. (a point about EPC)

Connect to Autodesk

Construction Cloud, BIM360 or A360 and bring design files directly from Autodesk Cloud to CellBIM.

free viewer tool

CellBIM Free Viewer

CellBIM Viewer is a free BIM IFC Viewer and CellBIM xlsx Viewer, that can open CellBIM and IFC files inside Excel® Spreadsheets.

  • Allows view of model properties and quantities.
  • You can also use CellBIM Viewer as a Viewer to files created from the Licensed versions of CellBIM and Cell2D.
  • You can open all types of IFC files including IFC 4.2 specification and view the design tree, properties and quantities.
  • Use the Rubberband to Pick IFC Elements and get aggregated quantities that are calculated from the powerful CellBIM Engine.
  • Import more than 25 file formats and convert them to .bmct to access from anywhere

2D integration


Cell2D brings your 2D files, either CAD or PDFs directly into your Microsoft Excel® Spreadsheets.

  • Work with 2D Design Files like PDF, DWG, DGN and Raster Images directly in your Microsoft Excel® Spreadsheets.
  • Overlay drawings in a 3D space and Perform 2D Quantity Takeoffs easily.
  • No need to send drawings and spreadsheets separately and explaining the relations or quantities. Everything is done inside your current spreadsheet!

BIM Data integration

3D Model

CellBIM allows the user to use BIM data to create tables in excel and advanced spreadsheets that automatically extract data from 3D models.

  • Utilizes Nomitech's BIMCT engine for broad BIM and 2D format support
  • Enables real-time, multi-user collaboration on spreadsheets and models
  • Integrates BIM visuals and data directly into Excel for easy access
  • Enhances user experience with VR support for immersive data interaction

Web application

CellBIM 365

CellBIM 365 provides a quick way to store and access your BIM data files on the cloud.

Model Sharing

Effortlessly share 2D and 3D model views via email leveraging markups, highlights and tagged measurements, fostering efficient project collaboration and seamless communication.


Use Markup Tools like Pencil, Labels, Arrows, Rectangles, Stars to annotate the design.


Visualize model design trees, and access BIM data along with comprehensive properties of a 3D model individual elements, directly through a web interface, and enhance your workflow with versatile selection capabilities, such as single selection, surface, rubberband, and create sections along various axes.


Measure effortlessly in both 2D drawings and 3D models using advanced pick mode options to create aggregations of precalculated element quantities or even measure areas, lengths and counts using advanced O-snaps on your browser providing you with the flexibility to select and create quick measurements.

VR Experience

Discover a cutting-edge dimension to your workflow with seamless virtual reality integration, compatible with a range of headsets.

I've experienced the benefits of using CostOS, especially for its schedule integration and project control. The Nomitech team is very flexible and helpful, tailoring their services to clients' needs.

Kevin O' Grady

Director, Kognitive

CostOS adds value to our clients. It is very useful for us to have all the estimates and all the databases for material and equipment in one database unified and easily accessible at any time.

Nikos Dimos

Managing Director, iTekton

Link Your Drawings and BIM Files with Microsoft Excel® Spreadsheets

CellBIM brings your BIM and 2D design files directly inside Microsoft Excel® Spreadsheets. Use Drag and Drop to Interact with BIM Models, perform Quantity Takeoffs in 3D and 2D and generate interactive BIM Data Tables.

Empowering major sectors

CellBIM for your Industry

CellBIM for


  • Make BIM usable and accessible to everyone
  • Save the design files on the cloud & manage revisions
  • Package Items easily
  • Colorize the model based on cell values
  • Runs inside Microsoft Excel
  • Collaborate on the same files on OneDrive
  • Save the design files within the XLSX file
  • Works with and allows measurement on 3D BIM and 2D files
  • Extract metadata via drag and drop

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CellBIM for

EPC & Utilities

CellBIM enables all Asset forms, Inspection lists, OPEX data and Process Spreadsheets built in Excel to be linked seamlessly with the digital twin (BIM and 2D drawings)

  • Tag and associate Spreadsheet Cells with the digital twin & save within the XLSX file
  • Colorize the digital twin based on cell values
  • Enable universal access to your Network assets' digital twin
  • Collaborate on the same files on OneDrive
  • Works with 3D BIM and 2D files and manages file revisions
  • Extract metadata via drag and drop

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CellBIM for


CellBIM enables all Asset forms, Inspection lists, OPEX data and Process Excel Spreadsheets to be linked seamlessly with the digital twin (BIM and 2D drawings)

  • Enable universal access to your Network assets' digital twin & save within the XLSX file
  • Easily tag and link spreadsheet cells to the digital twin
  • Colorize the digital twin based on cell values
  • Foster collaborative work on shared files via OneDrive
  • Seamlessly integrate with both 3D BIM and 2D files and manage revisions
  • Effortlessly extract metadata through simple drag-and-drop actions

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CellBIM for


Automate the BOM production and allow your team to collaborate and work with the 3D model of the Plant whether it is for estimating, inspections, progress tracking, project handover or turnarounds.

  • Make the digital twin of your Network assets accessible to everyone and save within the XLSX file
  • Tag and associate Spreadsheet Cells with the digital twin
  • Colorize the digital twin based on cell values
  • Collaborate on the same files on OneDrive
  • Works with 3D BIM and 2D files & manages BIM file Revisions
  • Extract metadata via drag and drop

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Quick Help

Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered some of the most common questions to help you determine if CellBIM is a good fit for your company.

What is CellBIM, and how does its licensing work?

CellBIM integrates with Excel, enabling users to store and open models via cloud storage on CellBIM365. It offers yearly, 2-yearly, and 3-yearly subscription models, which include online support and eligibility for all upgrades and updates, keeping the software compatible with the latest file formats.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can only cancel your subscription within the 30 days period of your subscription. If you cancel within this period you will be charged the amount of 2months x the monthly amount of leasing the license at no subscription commitment fee. You cannot cancel after the 30 first calendar days period has passed. If you are not sure about the product we strongly recommend downloading the free trial to test it or contact Nomitech for further information.

Do you offer any discounts for large amount of licenses?

We do offer 5% discount for 6 to 10 licenses bought together. For 11 or more licenses please contact Nomitech to receive an official quote. Enterprise wide or project wide arrangements for 50 or more licenses are also available.

Can I transfer my license to another computer?

You can easily de-activate your License from one machine and activate it to another one by using the CellBIM sub-menu under the Excel Ribbon File menu. The only thing required is Internet access on both machines.

Do I need internet access to activate my license?

Yes, you will need direct Internet access to activate your CellBIM license. However Internet is not required after activation. We do provide offline License activation but these licenses are non transferable.

Do I get free upgrades and support after I purchase a license?

Yes, you will be notified by the System whenever a new version of CellBIM is available. We do provide 24 hour reply e-mail and ticket based support for CellBIM issue tracking.

Haven’t found your answer?

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