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Nomitech partners

Our Strategic Industry Alliances

At Nomitech, we are driven by a shared passion for transforming the construction industry through innovation, efficiency, and unwavering commitment to our clients.

Enterprise Partners

Our Enterprise Partnerships elevate our products by integrating with leading tools and platforms, enhancing our enterprise project portfolio management offerings and global reach.

Oracle: Nomitech takes great pride in our longstanding Gold partnership with Oracle, a collaboration that spans over a decade. Our flagship product, CostOS, is globally recognized by Oracle as their preferred estimating solution, underscoring the strategic alignment between our technologies. This endorsement is a testament to the seamless integration of CostOS with Oracle's suite of solutions, including Primavera and Unifier. As an Oracle Primavera Authorized Reseller, Nomitech is at the forefront of providing integrated products and services in the field of Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM). Our relationship with Oracle is more than just a partnership; it's a strategic alliance that enhances the capabilities and reach of both parties, offering unparalleled value to our clients.

Microsoft: The partnership between Microsoft and Nomitech enhances Excel with Nomitech's CellBIM, merging Excel's data management with CellBIM's 3D BIM and 2D drawing integration. This collaboration boosts project management and estimation in construction and engineering, offering a unified, efficient approach to complex data and BIM handling, reflecting the dynamic evolution of industry-standard tools. Design data, 3D or 2D can be now accesses seamlessly within the Excel desktop app or even the Office365 web platform, making collaboration and communication between project members seamless, visual and integrated.

RICS: Our partnership aims to elevate the accuracy, reliability, and ethical standards of cost management practices within the construction and infrastructure sectors. By integrating Nomitech's cutting-edge technology with RICS's rigorous standards and guidelines, this alliance ensures that project estimations and cost controls are not only highly precise but also adhere to the highest levels of integrity and sustainability.

ICMS (International Construction Measurement Standards): The Nomitech-ICMS partnership, featuring Nomitech's CEO Tolis Chatzisymeon on the ICMS committee, aligns global construction cost standards with Nomitech's software. This collaboration promotes consistency and transparency in cost management, integrating ICMS's principles to enhance industry accountability and efficiency worldwide.

Contruent: Nomitech and Contruent have fostered a strategic partnership for over a decade, showcasing a seamless integration of Nomitech's cutting-edge estimating technology within the Contruent Suite of Products. This collaboration under the Contruent brand offers unparalleled cost management solutions. Estimates generated using Nomitech's technology are effortlessly transferred to Contruent's cost management systems and dashboards, enhancing decision support and cost management processes. Together, Nomitech and Contruent have successfully served global clients and megaprojects, setting a benchmark for excellence in their field.

Autodesk: The Autodesk-Nomitech partnership combines Autodesk's leading design and engineering software with Nomitech's specialized cost estimating solutions. This collaboration delivers a comprehensive approach to project design and cost management, enabling seamless integration from initial design through to financial planning, optimizing workflows and driving innovation in the construction industry.

AACE International: The partnership between AACE International and Nomitech unites AACE's expertise in cost and project management with Nomitech's cutting-edge estimating software. This alliance fosters best practices in cost engineering, enhancing the precision and reliability of project estimates and advancing the professional standards within the industry.

Technical Partners

Through our Technical Partnerships, we enhance cost engineering with seamless upgrades to our product line and smooth data integration for effective cost management.

Bricsys: The global provider of affordable, innovative CAD software, known for its flagship product BricsCAD, offering advanced 2D & 3D design capabilities.

Cost-OS LLC: With years of expertise in cost estimating software sales and support, exclusively distributes CostOS and CosMO in North America, backed by Nomitech's strategic relationship and a broad local customer base.

Blattner Tech: Nomitech has been collaborating with Blattner Tech for several years, leveraging CostOS with their Integrations technology for third-party products and utilizing hosting services by Loadspring, now part of Blattner Tech

Loadspring: Loadspring offers cloud-based project management software solutions, streamlining access and collaboration for complex projects.

CDOL (Cost Data Online): provides an extensive online database for construction cost data, aiding accurate and timely project budgeting.

ISETIA: delivers versatile project management and document control software, enhancing efficiency and communication in diverse industries.

ARUP: Nomitech and Arup have collaboratively created a comprehensive cost and carbon knowledgebase within CostOS, featuring detailed assemblies for highways, bridges, and railways.

I've experienced the benefits of using CostOS, especially for its schedule integration and project control. The Nomitech team is very flexible and helpful, tailoring their services to clients' needs.

Kevin O' Grady

Director, Kognitive

CostOS adds value to our clients. It is very useful for us to have all the estimates and all the databases for material and equipment in one database unified and easily accessible at any time.

Nikos Dimos

Managing Director, iTekton

CostOS as well as other products developed by Nomitech, constantly improve the cost estimating processes of our customers. We, as Horsa, are honored to be part of this important mission.

Ruggero Rossi

Project Management Consultant, Horsa Group

We share the same vision for innovation, creativity and making life easier, and chose CostOS for its flexibility, ease of use, support of many systems, and creation of all kinds of BOQs.

Mohamed Sultan

Tendering Manager, RME

We have been cooperating with Nomitech for over 10 years. They are one of the best vendors we have worked with, always responsive and always developing the product for the market needs.

Tekin Guvercin

CEO, Future Network Development

Great people, thinking out-of-the-box and creating powerful products for the construction industry. We are glad that we are partners and we look forward to new products with Nomitech.

Petros Stylianou

Chartered Quantity Surveyor and Director, SH Soil