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Case Study

Lycopodium: Building a Centralized Database and Standardizing Estimates

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Lycopodium, a global engineering firm, transitioned to CostOS from spreadsheet-based estimating methods to address challenges in centralizing their knowledgebase and standardizing processes, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in project estimations across multiple countries and currencies. The selection of CostOS, after evaluating eight software packages, was based on its flexibility, spreadsheet-like usability, and the continuous, rapid enhancement of features by the Nomitech team, greatly exceeding Lycopodium's expectations.

The CostOS advantage

Challenges We’ve Solved

Whilst Lycopodium’s previous estimating method was sophisticated by Spreadsheet standards, assembling a centralised knowledgebase had been difficult along with the negative perception of spreadsheet based estimating by some clients. Improvements in efficiency in an environment where experienced EPCM estimators are in short supply was also a major factor.

Advantages That CostOS Estimating Brings to Lycopodium

  • Centralized knowledge base and greater control over estimates, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Customizable and flexible system that retained a spreadsheet-like feel, facilitating a smooth transition.
  • Continuous and rapid enhancement of features by the Nomitech team, providing significant operational improvements.
  • Real-time remote assistance and overnight query responses, ensuring high levels of support and service.

Our Product Solution for Lycopodium

The Power of CostOS Estimating Software

CostOS is a World Class, Proven, Complete, Powerful, Enterprise Estimating Platform that allows you to centralize, improve and optimize your Estimating Processes.

Ready to Integrate

CostOS promotes team collaboration with various security layers, integrates with mission critical apps and ERPs and enables CO2 assessments of your projects.

Powerful Modules

It covers all phases of estimates from the initial conceptual cost plan to the detailed estimate, including your quantity takeoffs from GIS, 2D drawings or 3D BIM files.

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Lycopodium, with offices across Australia, Canada, Philippines, and Africa, has experienced steady growth over the past two decades. Recognizing the need for efficiency and standardization, we embarked on centralizing our estimating knowledgebase and standardizing estimation processes.


Although Lycopodium's previous estimating method was sophisticated by spreadsheet standards, challenges arose in assembling a centralized knowledgebase, while some clients held negative perceptions of spreadsheet-based estimating. The scarcity of experienced EPCM estimators further compounded efficiency issues.


We considered a total of 8 other packages from all around the world that were extensively evaluated and trialed to best fit our business.

CostOS provided the best combination of features for our business in where we construct projects in all disciplines, in many different countries, using multiple native currencies in an estimating system that is both customizable and flexible yet still retains an excel type feel. This was important to enable a smooth transition from previous estimating methods. The power of allowing relatively simple in-house programming of parametric (smart) assemblies was also recognized early.

“The transition to CostOS meant that we could continue to estimate using our proven methods and structures that have contributed to the success of Lycopodium to date”.

- Mr. Brenton Laubsch, Estimating Manager of Lycopodium Minerals Pty Ltd.

Of all systems evaluated, CostOS has the most spreadsheet like feel with navigation and filtering features not too dissimilar to spreadsheets. And as more projects are now drawn in 3D rather than not, BIM takeoff has the potential to be an important feature for Lycopodium.


CostOS provided a centralized knowledge base, greater estimate control, and improved efficiency compared to spreadsheets.

The progressive nature of the Nomitech team facilitated continuous development and rapid enhancement of features, exceeding expectations.

“Nomitech is like a breath of fresh air when compared to other software developers that can take years to incorporate modest improvements for incremental gains.”

- Mr. Brenton Laubsch, Estimating Manager of Lycopodium Minerals Pty Ltd.

Nomitech have repeatedly demonstrated their high level of commitment to constant improvement and product development in amazingly short timeframes. The assistance they provided has greatly exceeded our expectations with most queries answered overnight due to time zone differences. The ability for members of Nomitech to link into our system from remote in real time to check issues and to provide tuition has been a great advantage.


Selecting the right estimating system is crucial for accuracy, efficiency, flexibility, and customization to align with a company's estimating practices. It is also important to involve the estimating team in the decision-making process to ensure alignment with daily operational needs and seamless adoption and utilization of the chosen software.

By optimizing their estimating processes with CostOS, Lycopodium demonstrates a commitment to efficiency and accuracy in project estimation, positioning themselves for continued success in diverse industries.