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CosMO™ – Benchmark Historical Projects

CosMO™ helps you to quickly consolidate your cost estimates from multiple historical projects and normalize the various formats, using industry standards, to provide consistent, meaningful insight.

Create Cost Plans for New Projects Based on Recorded History

CosMO or Cost Modeller is a web-based application that allows organizations to store Cost and CO2 information of historical projects. The outcome is a powerful Cost and CO2 Statistical Modeling and Benchmarking Solution that can become the key to decision making, issue resolution and powerful insights.

Centralize and Compare Your Project Data

Efficiently centralize, consolidate, and compare historical projects and estimates’ data from multiple sources, offering a scalable solution tailored to organizations of all sizes and project types.

Enhance Your Data Normalization Process

Normalize your data against time, location, and economic factors by following inflation trends and other indices for more accurate and dynamic financial projections.

Create Detailed Cost Plans on the Fly

Effortlessly generate benchmarks from historical data with speed using our intuitive tools. Fast-track the process of comparing historical project data, facilitating informed decision-making and enhanced insights.

Improve Project Projection Processes

Evaluate financial implications across diverse geographical settings with ease and precision, incorporating exchange rates and location-based factors effortlessly to analyze and compare international project costs.

Instant Access via CosMO Native Mobile App

With the CosMO Mobile App, you can easily access and manage your project data on-the-go, ensuring that critical information is always at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Visualize Historical Project Costs

Visualization aids in identifying cost drivers, assessing budget performance, and informing future project planning with data-driven insights, all within CosMO's comprehensive cost and carbon modeling framework.

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Environmental Analysis

Carbon Footprint Benchmarking

CosMO enables the comprehensive embodied and transport carbon across various completed or estimated projects. Multi-attribute statistical analysis can be performed at various coding levels to predict the Carbon footprint of various capital projects, fully compliant with the ICMS Standard.

All-In-one solution


CosMO™ Benchmarking consolidates and normalizes cost estimates from multiple projects into consistent insights using industry standards. CosMO can be utilized as standalone or integrated with CostOS.

Analytics Dashboards

Create your own analytical charts of various projects data including major commodities and services commercial fluctuations; displayed on your dashboard.


Easy access to your key historical projects data.

CosMO app

Access your projects data via CosMO Mobile App.


Create an integrated hierarchical structure capturing all projects categories and components of your data, compatible with the new ICMS.

Data Fitting Methods

Create cost and carbon models with statistical regression analysis using different AI-recommended data-fitting methods.

Data Normalization

Normalize your data for inflation and other economic and cost driving indices applicable to your region or globally.

I've experienced the benefits of using CostOS, especially for its schedule integration and project control. The Nomitech team is very flexible and helpful, tailoring their services to clients' needs.

Kevin O' Grady

Director, Kognitive

CostOS adds value to our clients. It is very useful for us to have all the estimates and all the databases for material and equipment in one database unified and easily accessible at any time.

Nikos Dimos

Managing Director, iTekton

CostOS as well as other products developed by Nomitech, constantly improve the cost estimating processes of our customers. We, as Horsa, are honored to be part of this important mission.

Ruggero Rossi

Project Management Consultant, Horsa Group

Develop New Project Cost Plans Leveraging Historical Data

Request a Demo to see how CosMO efficiently consolidates cost estimates across multiple historical projects, and standardizes diverse formats according to industry benchmarks to offer coherent and insightful analysis.

Empowering major sectors

CosMO for your Industry

Diverse Horizons

Versatile Sector Solutions

CosMO offers tailored solutions for diverse sectors, meeting the specific requirements of real estate professionals, investors/banks, government regulators, project owners, municipalities, and portfolio managers. Its versatility ensures comprehensive support across a spectrum of industries.

  • Access your key historical project data from anywhere
  • Normalize your data for inflation and other indexes for like for like comparison
  • Analyze statistically the historical data easily
  • Create Cost and Carbon Models with easy Curve Fitting
  • Create cost plans on the fly and use the analysis for strategic decisions
  • Compatible with the new ICMS Standard

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Quick Help

Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered some of the most common questions to help you determine if CosMO is a good fit for your company.

How does Nomitech help in benchmarking and cost modeling?

Nomitech has developed the Cost Modeler COSMO product that supports a flexible schema database for importing historical project data, enabling users to benchmark their projects against similar past projects and utilize advanced cost modeling techniques to predict financial outcomes and manage risks effectively.

Can you tell me more about the CosMO-Cost Modeler license?

CosMO-Cost Modeler is licensed per concurrent user on an annual basis. It includes technical support, along with upgrades and updates, ensuring users have the most current tools and features for cost modeling.

Can CostOS and COSMO Cost Modeler be self-hosted?

Yes, both CostOS and COSMO Cost Modeler offer self-hosting options, allowing customers to manage their software on their own IT infrastructure. This provides full control over data security, access, and compliance with internal policies.

Is the COSMO app available on Android and iOS?

Yes, the COSMO app is available for both Android and iOS devices. This ensures that a wide range of users can access the app’s functionalities, regardless of their preferred platform.

How can I get the COSMO app, since it’s not available on the marketplaces?

The COSMO app is exclusively set up by Nomitech for COSMO customers to ensure a tailored experience. To get the app, COSMO customers should contact Nomitech directly. Our team will assist with the setup and ensure you have everything you need to start using the app on your device.

What features does the COSMO app include?

The app includes all the important functions of the COSMO Cost Modeler software. Users can make quick predictions, access benchmarking data of historical estimates, and view commodity trends relevant to their industry. It’s designed to provide essential functionalities in a convenient, mobile format.

Who can benefit from using the COSMO app?

The COSMO app is ideal for professionals who need to make informed decisions while away from their desk, as well as C-level executives looking for a quick overview of project estimates, cost trends, and benchmarking information. It’s a valuable tool for anyone in need of mobile access to detailed cost modeling and estimation data.

How does Nomitech ensure the COSMO app remains up-to-date with the latest features and security measures?

Nomitech is committed to regularly updating the COSMO app with the latest features, improvements, and security measures. These updates are directly provided to COSMO customers, ensuring they always have access to the most current and secure version of the app.

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