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Scaling New Heights: Rowad's Digital Transformation Journey with Nomitech


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RME's collaboration with Nomitech revolutionized its tendering process by overcoming challenges through digital transformation, integrating tools like CostOS and Oracle products to streamline operations and enhance efficiency across diverse construction sectors in Egypt and Africa.

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For years, RME has stood as a beacon of excellence in Egypt's construction industry, undertaking monumental projects and forging partnerships with leading international contractors. Our portfolio spans diverse sectors including Power Generation, Heavy Industries, Infrastructure, and more, solidifying our reputation as a key player in Egypt and across Africa, with successful projects in Algeria, Mozambique, Nigeria and the Republic of Chad.


The tendering process posed significant challenges for RME, with repetitive tasks, scattered data, and time lost in transitioning between templates hindering efficiency. Despite numerous trials, finding the right cost estimating solution remained elusive until Rowad encountered Nomitech in early 2020, only to face setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Undeterred by the pandemic, RME embarked on a digital transformation journey in 2021, fuelled by insights gained from past trials and success stories. Collaborating closely with Nomitech, RME dedicated resources embracing tools like CostOS and Oracle Primavera to streamline processes and enhance efficiency.

“The Nomitech team did their best with the Tendering team in Rowad by providing alternatives and invaluable tips and tricks to make CostOS adoption faster and more efficient” Climbing Together: Mrs. Alia Khaled, Senior Project Control Engineer. Reflects on Nomitech's Dedication to Streamlining Rowad's Operations

Rowad & Nomitech Journey

The journey with Nomitech resembled an ascent up a mountain, with obstacles along the way and an unwavering commitment to reach the summit. Despite the hurdles, the partnership persisted, transitioning from reconnection in 2021 to an implementation phase marked by online workshops and training sessions. Nomitech's support proved invaluable during the adaptation and pilot phases, ensuring a seamless integration of CostOS into RME's operations.

In addition to adopting CostOS, RME embraced a comprehensive suite of Oracle products to further enhance its digital transformation. Leveraging tools such as Oracle Primavera Unifier, Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM, and Oracle ERP, RME ensured seamless integration across its operations.


The collaboration between Rowad and Nomitech yielded transformative outcomes, consolidating workflows onto a single platform, fostering collaborative work, and establishing a centralized data hub. Nomitech's expertise provided a competitive edge, offering familiarity, flexibility, and comprehensive support through solutions and workarounds via the Nomitech Service Desk.


The partnership between Rowad and Nomitech exemplifies the power of perseverance and innovation in overcoming challenges. Through a shared commitment to excellence, RME has successfully modernized its tendering process, laying the foundation for continued growth and success in the dynamic construction industry.