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Expert Databases Included in CostOS

Unlock the full potential of CostOS by incorporating expert databases and knowledgebases such as Pipe Base, Infra Base, Richardson’s, RSMeans, Spon's, and more.

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Onshore Gas Pipeline Knowledgebase


PipeBase is an Onshore Gas Pipeline ‘expert knowledgebase’ that helps Investment owners and FEED Contractors quickly turn early designs and project details into accurate cost estimates, and consider multiple options and scenarios, all based on accepted industry standards.


Onshore Gas Transmission Pipelines Knowledgebase

Combining the drawing of the pipeline route on a GIS Map and the PipeBase Expert knowledge automatically creates a 70-80% complete estimate, allowing teams to more easily and quickly evaluate multiple investment options which will form the solid foundation for investment decisions and detailed engineering.


Increases Conceptual to FEED Estimating Quality & Accuracy

Supports Investment owners and FEED Contractors with adequate definition of scope and investment cost requirements

Embedded engineering expertise provides comprehensive cost details for enhanced decision-making.

Expert knowledgebase that has been validated on real life projects with +/- 5% accuracy


Knowledge that Saves Time and Improves Certainty

Creates 70-80% complete estimates out of the box, effortlessly achieving higher accuracy.

Complies with recognized global Industry Standards for easy evaluation. ASME B31.8 & AACE Class 3

Quick results: Spend time checking, improving, and refining instead of defining from scratch.


Increases Value Engineering and ‘What if’ Analysis

Quickly create, evaluate, and assess multiple what-if options to enhance the 'Return on Assets' efficiently.

Rapid GIS Based definition of pipeline route and understanding of project factors (e.g. elevations, etc.)

A superior Value Engineered cost estimate, forming a robust base for bid evaluation purposes.

Infrastructure Knowledgebase


InfraBase is an ‘expert knowledgebase’ that helps Infrastructure Project Owners quickly turn early-stage designs and project details into cost estimates, based on proven pre-built assemblies.


Expert Knowledgebase for Infrastructure Project Owners

Developed with Arup, InfraBase provides a quickstart approach to defining and monitoring supply chain costs to increase cost certainty.

The knowledgebase contains parametric cost models for highway, railway, drainage structures, and other infrastructure works.


Define a reliable compass for project costs

Efficiently generate comprehensive early-stage project cost estimates for better planning.

Select assemblies using expert knowledgebase - validated on real life infrastructure projects

Establish a comprehensive baseline for monitoring contractor and supply chain costs effectively.


Measure against cost expectations

Quickstart creation of detailed BOQ's Improves estimate quality, saves time and reduces mistakes/omissions

Out of the box' Prebuilt assemblies provide detailed costs, rates, and productivity information

Flexibility to efficiently integrate project-specific variables for comprehensive data analysis and decision-making.


Optimize costs to maximize ROI of projects

Drive consistent improvement of cost certainty and performance through proactive data analysis with CostOS

Increase visibility and supply chain cost collaboration for better value engineering and optioneering

Benchmark costs against historical project details using Nomitech CosMo Benchmarking

construction database


Richardson’s Estimating Database provides essential, periodically updated insights for process plant construction, addressing every Estimator's need for current material, equipment, and labor data.


Line Items


Start estimating immediately without creating a database.


Encompasses a wide array of construction disciplines for process industries.


Richardson Data has been used worldwide for over 45 years.


Offers annual updates of relevant construction cost elements, such as labor, materials, and construction equipment rates.

construction database


Construction professionals rely on RSMeans data to craft project budgets, calculate project estimates, cross-reference their cost data, and strategize for continuous facility maintenance. Known for its precision, comprehensiveness, and locality, RSMeans data sets the benchmark as the industry standard in construction.

Databases Included with RSMeans:

  • Building Construction Cost Data
  • Site Work & Landscape Cost Data
  • Site Work & Landscape Assemblies
  • Residential Cost Data
  • Commercial Renovation Cost Data
  • Plumbing Unit Cost Data
  • Plumbing Assemblies Cost Data
  • Open Shop Building Construction Cost Data
  • Metric Construction Cost Data
  • Mechanical Unit Cost Data
  • Mechanical Assemblies Cost Data
  • Master Union Composite Cost Data
  • Master Union Composite Assemblies Cost Data
  • Light Commercial Cost Data
  • Interior Construction Cost Data
  • Interior Assemblies Cost Data
  • Heavy Construction Cost Data
  • Heavy Construction Assemblies Cost Data
  • Green Building Construction Cost Data
  • Green Building Assemblies Cost Data
  • Facilities Construction Composite Cost Data
  • Facilities Construction Assemblies Cost Data
  • Electrical Unit Price Cost Data
  • Electrical Assemblies Cost Data
  • Concrete & Masonry Cost Data
  • Concrete & Masonry Assemblies Cost Data
  • Commercial Composite Cost Data
  • Commercial Composite Assemblies Cost Data
  • Assemblies Cost Data
  • Facilities Maintenance & Repair Cost Data
  • Civil Composite Cost Data
  • Civil Composite Assemblies Cost Data
  • Square Foot & Assemblies Cost Data

Price Book


Spon’s is a series of books that help you calculate and check the cost of projects within architecture and building, mechanical and electrical services, civil engineering and highways. Compiled by AECOM they provide the most accurate, detailed and professionally relevant price information for the UK.

Key Features

  • 20,000 prices for the most frequently specified items, the majority with labor constants and detailed build-ups
  • Hundreds of alternative materials prices available for even the more unconventional items, aiding in diverse estimating needs.
  • Detailed guidance on wage rates, daywork, cost limits and allowances.

Spon’s Architects’ and Builders’ Price Book 2023

Compiled by AECOM, it still provides the most accurate, detailed and professionally relevant construction price information for the UK. 
Its unique Tender Index, updated through the year (2015 = 100), gives an ongoing reality check and allows you to adjust for changing market conditions.

Online Database


BCIS is an online database designed for building professionals to help prepare top level cost plans, provide early cost advice to clients and benchmark costs for both commercial and residential buildings.

Civil Engineering Price Data

The ICE CESMM4 — Civil Engineering Price Data has been compiled using the latest Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement (CESMM4). It can provide you with market leading cost data from a recognised institution.

Key Features

  • Expand your horizon. If your firm focuses on a particular sector, BCIS can provide you with a wider view of the market.
  • Provides assurance and gives your quotes credibility. BCIS is reliable; its data is not subject to commercial bias. It’s the only available source of independent data in the UK.
  • BCIS offers a database of the following ranges of project types:some text
    • BCIS Building Maintenance Prices
    • BCIS SMM7 Minor Work Estimating Prices
    • BCIS SMM7 Major work Estimating Prices
    • BCIS Minor Works Estimating Prices
    • BCIS Major Works Estimating Prices
    • BCIS Alterations & Refurbishment Estimating

Construction Database


POMI is a comprehensive library that covers a wide range of Building Works line items, including Civil, Structural, Architectural, and Electromechanical disciplines.

Enhance Cost Estimating Accuracy with POMI's Comprehensive Library

This database is carefully curated using UAE market prices to provide precise cost estimatings. POMI's adherence to the internationally recognized Principles of Measurement International (POMI) coding structure, ensures its consistency and ease of use. It is a trusted resource by industry professionals for its accuracy and efficiency, making the estimating of construction projects more precise and confident.