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BIM CT™ – Ultimate Rendering Engine

BIM CT™ is the most powerful BIM Rendering engine currently available on the market. Explore the power of the complete BIM toolkit for Web, Desktop and Mobile including Virtual Reality.

The Most Powerful BIM Engine

Welcome to BimCT, the ultimate BIM Rendering engine revolutionizing the market with unparalleled power and versatility.With capabilities spanning Web, Desktop, and Mobile, including Virtual Reality, experience the complete BIM toolkit at your fingertips.

BimCT Converter APIs

REST API and Command-Line tool, for converting design files to BimCT Viewer files, adding calculation of quantities, exceptional quality and geometry healing to the result.

Ready to Use UI

Common UI for Design Trees, Properties, Views, Filters, Context Menus, Markups and Toolbars is already available for use with your BIM enabled application.

BimCT Viewer APIs

BimCT WebGL2 and Desktop viewers with unbeatable BIM related functionality, to develop high quality and high performance BIM enabled applications.

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No Cloud Dependencies

Step out from cloud dependencies, BimCT can run on cloud and on premises it will even convert BIM360 AutoDESK SVF files and add more functionality and rendering capabilities to your application.


3D, VR and 2D APIs

You can choose from easy-to-use high level web based APIs to get you started immediately or low level OpenGL or ANGLE based (Vulkan and DirectX) wrappers for use with your VR-Enabled Desktop or Mobile apps.

  • WebGL 2
  • Open GL 4.5
  • Open GL ES 3.0

All-In-one solution


CellBIM 365 provides a quick way to store and access your BIM data files on the cloud.

High Quality Web Viewer

Easy to use, no 3D Graphics knowledge required, can be embedded in minutes in your code!

VR Enabled

Both on Web, Mobile or Desktop, you can switch the current view to Virtual Reality.


BimCT Desktop unbeatable performance can draw a whole building with one draw call.


Supports and converts over 25 design file formats for the BimCT viewer, enables quantity takeoffs, geometry healing, and export to a common data environment or back to IFC.


Choose between easy-to-use, high-level, web-based APIs to get you started immediately or low-level OpenGL or ANGLE based (Vulkan and DirectX) wrappers for use with your VR-Enabled Desktop or Mobile apps.

I've experienced the benefits of using CostOS, especially for its schedule integration and project control. The Nomitech team is very flexible and helpful, tailoring their services to clients' needs.

Kevin O' Grady

Director, Kognitive

We share the same vision for innovation, creativity and making life easier, and chose CostOS for its flexibility, ease of use, support of many systems, and creation of all kinds of BOQs.

Mohamed Sultan

Tendering Manager, RME

CostOS as well as other products developed by Nomitech, constantly improve the cost estimating processes of our customers. We, as Horsa, are honored to be part of this important mission.

Ruggero Rossi

Project Management Consultant, Horsa Group

CostOS adds value to our clients. It is very useful for us to have all the estimates and all the databases for material and equipment in one database unified and easily accessible at any time.

Nikos Dimos

Managing Director, iTekton

Transform Your Projects with BimCT's Advanced Capabilities

Experience the innovation firsthand with our demo samples or request a trial client ID today. Embed BimCT effortlessly into your web application within minutes and unlock the power of cutting-edge BIM rendering and visualization for your projects.

Empowering major sectors

BIM CT for your Industry

Diverse Horizons

Versatile Sector Solutions

BimCT stands as the premier BIM Rendering engine, delivering unmatched flexibility and power across industries such as construction, infrastructure, utilities, and EPC.

  • Web, Desktop, and Mobile support, including VR capabilities
  • REST API and CLI for file conversion and quantity calculations
  • Unified UI for Design Trees, Properties, and Markups
  • Advanced WebGL2 and Desktop viewers for high-performance BIM applications
  • Operates both in cloud and on-premises, enhancing Autodesk SVF files
  • Supports over 25 file formats with features like geometry healing and IFC export

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Quick Help

Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered some of the most common questions to help you determine if BIM CT is a good fit for your company.

Who is developing BIM CT?

BimCT is Nomitech's R&D Project, it is developed for 7+ years by a team of highly skilled developers specialized in the area of computer graphics.

What is the technology behind the BIM CT Engine?

The BimCT Engine is mainly developed in C++ utilizing OpenGL-ES 3.0 for (WebGL2 and Mobile) and OpenGL 4.5 (for Native Desktop and Mobile). Virtual and Augmented Reality is built utilizing OpenXR (Desktop/Mobile) and WebXR (WebGL2) and it is mainly tested with Meta Quest 2 and Oculus Rift controllers. Supported web platforms are all major HTML5/WebGL2 Browsers (ie. Chrome, Firefox and WebKit). The Native Renderer is available for Windows (Java, .Net, C++), Android (Java) and IOS (C / C++).

What are the unique advantages of BIM CT Viewer compared to Forge and other tools?

Unlike other tools BimCT offers many out of the box functionalities like High Performance Desktop Renderer, Ready to use UI, VR support, Quantity Takeoff tools (real time and precalculated), Entourage and Textures, Sun, Shadows and TrueNorth etc. Making it the most powerful BIM Rendering engine currently available on the market.

What is the maximum compression reached by .bimct converted file extension?

The latest .bimct v7 file format utilizes quantization and reused fragments detection algorithms that can potentially decrease the original file size up to 95% or more depending on the options used.

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