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Enhance CostOS with Powerful Modules

Elevate your CostOS experience with our suite of innovative modules. Our BIM Module, GIS Module, and 2D Takeoff Module are designed to seamlessly integrate with CostOS, extending its capabilities and empowering you to tackle projects with greater efficiency and precision.

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Building Information Modeling

BIM Module

BIM technology has been at the heart of CostOS from the very start and is hence seamlessly integrated and standard functionality.


Regarding BIM, CostOS Is Fully ‘BIM Enabled’.

No links, no imports etc. – it’s part of the furniture. This enables the measurement of quantities, directly from a BIM and in a very simple but visual way.


from BIM to BILL to BID in a few easy steps

Just navigate through the model, auto-select elements, associate them with database items (or create new ones), click go and produce a fully described, measured and priced Bill, directly from the model – from BIM to BILL to BID in a few easy steps.

This is because CostOS already stores the relationship between model classes and cost database items and as since open industry standard IFC files are utilized, CostOS BIM technology can be used, regardless of the BIM designing tool used to create the model.


What you see is what you estimate

With CostOS BIM technology, it really is a case of ‘what you see is what you estimate’. As model elements are selected, CostOS ensures that no item is missed.

Furthermore, CostOS’ powerful parametric engine, if combined with BIM, enables the quick and accurate pricing of ‘less than fully detailed’ BIM models.

Optimize and identify the most appropriate materials and construction methods. Intelligent, parameter-driven assemblies can be built and applied to BIM elements.

Geographic information system

GIS Map Take-off

CostOS has take-off capabilities to suit every occasion. Early phase, conceptual definition of projects (highways, pipelines, off-shore development, utility services etc.) can be simply done over GIS/Maps and the parametric engine will produce the estimate in an automated way.

Utilize Maps for Measurements

This could include alignment of roadways, land areas, perimeters or even the distance from an Oil platform to shore.


Measure quantities directly from GIS mapping tools such as Bing maps, open street maps, Esri, or specifically designed maps for certain industries.


Assess quantities in the initial stages of your project, especially in remote or sensitive locations.


The parametric engine will produce the estimate in an automated way.


Measure distances from supplier depots, local ports, or manufacturing facilities.

Global Elevations

Elevations are taken into account or even the depth of the sea.

Quantity Takeoff

2D Module

2D Module is a Nomitech's Quantity Takeoff Module that is built in the BIMCT 3D engine.

Built in the BIMCT 3D engine

Key Features

  • Supports measurements on PDF, TIFF, JPEG, DWG, DGN and DXF drawings
  • It is multiuser and enables many Quantity Surveyors working on the same Projects
  • It produces fully classified 3D elements from the 2D takeoffs that can be exported to IFC
  • Predict the profitability of your project more confidently.
  • Supports the definition of composite measurements, such as ducts area, slab rebar and any measurement that the QS can think of
  • The quantities are fully synchronized with the BOQ / Estimate
  • The quantities can be associated with CostOS Parametric Models / Smart Assemblies.