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European Headquarters

Omnia One, 125 Queen Street
Sheffield United Kingdom

  • Postal Code: S1 2DU

  • Telephone: +44 207 193 6677

  • Fax: +44 207 193 6677

Athens Office

Panormou 70-72
Athens, Greece

  • Postal Code: 11523

  • Telephone: +30 2106395926

  • Fax: +30 2106395926

  • Mail: info@nomitech.com

Nomitech is a leading niche software company specializing in Cost Estimating solutions. Our founders are engineers with real life industry experience and we deliver practical, innovative, state of the art cost estimating software which is rapidly becoming the future standard for estimating.

Our Cost Estimating solution, CostOS is specifically designed for companies that want to increase their competitiveness by responding to modern estimating challenges more quickly, with less effort, more accuracy, less risk, and with an increased level of confidence.

We recognize that the cost estimating process is at the core of every project related company. CostOS is a mission critical system which allows you to value engineer and differentiate your solution whilst meeting your clients requirements. Helping you to win more work.

At Nomitech, we are passionate about success, and we measure our success by the success of our clients. We work closely with each of our customers to build mutual trust and ensure that they get the most from our capabilities and maximum value from their investment with us.

Our client base is rapidly increasing by word of mouth as a result of our reputation. We have also gained the respect of large software organizations like Oracle, who recommend CostOS as their preferred partner solution for Construction, EPC and Oil & Gas clients, on a global scale.

We continually invest in new ideas, technologies and approaches to estimating, in order to address the challenges of the industries we serve. We believe that is how you become the best and stay the best!