BIM & GIS Modules

Furthermore, CostOS’ powerful parametric engine, if combined with BIM, enables the quick and accurate pricing of ‘less than fully-detailed’ BIM models.  Moreover, it allows design optimisation and quick identification of most appropriate materials and construction methods. Intelligent, parameter-driven assemblies can be built and applied to BIM elements.

Regarding BIM, CostOS is truly ‘BIM enabled’. 

BIM technology has been at the heart of CostOS from the very start and is hence, seamlessly integrated and standard functionality. No links, no imports etc – it’s part of the furniture.

This enables the measurement of quantities, directly from a BIM and in a very simple but visual way. Just navigate through the model, auto-select elements, associate them with database items (or create new ones), click go and produce a fully described, measured and priced Bill, directly from the model – from BIM to BILL to BID in a few easy steps.

This is because CostOS already stores the relationship between model classes and cost database items and as since open industry standard IFC files are utilized, CostOS BIM technology can be used, regardless of the BIM designing tool used to create the model.

With CostOS BIM technology, it really is a case of ‘what you see is what you estimate’. As model elements are selected and measured, CostOS  ensures that no item is missed.