Changing the “Way We Work’’ Model




Today it is more than ever essential for organizations to critically review and update how they manage the workplace and their talent, investing in technology.


Businesses are facing challenges — whether it’s the economic impact from the Coronavirus or more generally in terms of low levels of productivity that need to be addressed. Preparing individuals for future working models of collaboration and sharing of information among teams on virtual platforms, especially in multi-cultural and global companies, is a great investment that will allow employees to stay motivated and engaged during challenging times.


There is now more than ever a great need to invest in people, methods, and technology that will help us change the way we do our jobs, communicate, forge relationships, and get results! There are accessible technology tools that enable a dynamic remote workplace where people connect from wherever they are. We must embrace the new workforce and challenge existing models and ways of working.


CostOS is an advanced Estimating Platform at the Frontline of Collaborative Work. Some key facts about CostOS:

Multiple users can connect remotely and work on the Same Estimate real time

Estimates done by each estimator are streamed live on everyone screen whereas specific colours identify each user that performs a change or adds items to the estimate

Summary pages, summary graphs and rolled up data are getting updated real time

2D Drawings and BIM models that are uploaded to the Estimate are stored in central DB and are instantly accessible by everyone

Multiple users can perform BIM takeoffs on the same Model and 2D takeoffs on the same Drawing (CostOS 8)

Extensive system roles enable the setting of teams and protect the access to sensitive data that only specific users or managers can see

CostOS Explore enables web access also to teams that need to look at estimates but not perform any access. CostOS explore also visualises on the Web BIM models or 2D takeoffs

CostOS Insight is an out of the box BI system for comprehensive multi estimate analysis. Estimates done in CostOS can also be analysed with BI systems such as Power BI, Tablau and others

Estimates are linked with COSMO, Nomitech’s advanced Benchmarking solution enable managers to perform quick benchmarks even on their mobile or use bespoke statistical models for quick estimates.


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